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Forest Protection Activities

On Arbor Day every year, the executives and employees of SK holdings C&C and its subsidiaries plant seedlings in the ecologica

Clean Street Campaign with people

The members of organization engage in the Smoking Cessation Campaign near our office in Bundang and

Supporting Social Adaption

We conduct regular programs for children with physical and mental disabilities living in welfare welfare physical a

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공짜가 핵심 비즈니스 가치가 된 이유

오픈소스, 그러니까 무료로 공유하는 자유 소프트웨어는 지난 1980년대 초반 등장했다. 리눅스 같은 운영ㅇ체제가 주목을 받기도 했지만 2016년 현재 오픈 소스....

2016.04.01 Biz & Tech / 스페셜 리포트
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    ICT개발자를 위한 토크 콘서트 디톡스가 개최됩니다.

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    스페셜 리포트: 알파고와 이세돌9단의 현상을 가다.

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    디지털시대, 모으고 연결하고 즐겨라

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    세계속의 SK C&C.

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    디지털시대, 모으고 연결하고 즐겨라

We are contributing to society by using our expertise in IT to construct websites for welfare facilities to improve information accessibility for the marginalized classes. In addition, we have been running computer donation programs and computer repair services to help...

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